Tuesday, April 10, 2012

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!! April already...?

What an opportunity to be engaged in such a great work!  Again thank you all for your funny and inspiring thoughts this week.  I wish I had more time to say what I want to say, or even write it all out in Spanish.  By the time I finish reading all the emails I receive and letter I write to my President, which I do in Spanish and takes 5X longer, I never have time to write about my week.  So I kinda woke up forgetting it was Easter until I got to church and all the talks were about the Resurrection or Savior.  Where does the time go?  I just feel like all the days blend together now.  I never know what day it is.
Well to keep things short we went to Bilboa this week for interviews with President.  The city is gorgeous!  Even greener than Pamplona!  We visited the famous musuem everyone raves about there,....which I can´t remember the name of at the moment...but it´s gorgeous I´ll send pics!  Again there´s a million holidays here in Spain.  One for every Saint.  We should make a holiday in the states for every Book of Mormon Prophet and there mothers....then it´d be like Spain...everything closed!!!!  Makes it hard to work or do anything.  Everyone is out of town.  No one can help.  No one wants to listen..."tengo prisa, tengo prisa..."  We contact anyone who will listen Muslim, gypsy, Spaniard, Africans, China, Catholic, South American, outsiders, the random American.  There is so many different classes in Spain.  The mainstream that listen always tend to be the Bolivians, Peruvians, Equatorianos, and Africans!  We are teaching a gypsy right now...dangerous!!  haha but don´t worry about me dad the bishopric is already way too over protective about us.  It´s kind of funny.  Ya the government is terrible out here, but it makes our job easier because it humbles people when they don´t have work.  And no worries don´t be scared about coming here.  It´s a great place it really is!  Working in this town I kind of feel like Maria entering the Von Trapp household for the first time or Ren moving to Bomont for the first time (Footloose!).  Seriously this town is uptight,...including the ward.  I´m trying to be that person to make the change and loosen everyone, but it´s not so easy.  The Elders are energetic like me to make change.  We all have what it takes it´s just getting past the mayor/preacher of the town (the bishop).  We have members who have approached us and wanted us to mention activity ideas to the bishop.  He won´t allow any activities!  There goes teaching dance for me!  Not even for children or teenagers.  From what I hear there is a past about this town.  Some scandal went down over a year ago and it´s never been the same since.  I always like a challenge!  Just as Dad would say make a difference and do it with some ENTHUSIASM for the work!  I like that....do your job and do it with a little bit of spunk!!!! 
We are struggling a lot up in the north right now.  It´s hard to get people to church because everyone works or is always on vacation!  Especially in the terrible economy here.  sigh!  They cannot get baptized until they come to church.  As they say in Pamplona, Potico a poca.  Our baptism fechas get back in town today so finally we´ll be seeing more baptisms in the next weeks to come.  Keep us in your prayers.  It´s going to be a rough 2 transfers!  But bring it on.  I love what I´m doing.  Dad´s right, greatest work to be engaged in!!!!!  Love you all, keep the faith!!!
hermana caminante
Hermana Cominadora, Spain Barcelona Mission

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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