Wednesday, April 18, 2012



Happy Birthday lil´ sis!!!!!  Wow 9 years flies by!  I love you.  How was your party?  Did you get my letter?   I received yours...thanks mom for the package, loved it!!!  Well news for the week....drum roll....I´M TRAINING!!!!!!!!!  Ahhhhh!!!!!   Not only am I training but I´m training a native!  WEIRD!!!!!!  She speaks a little bit of English.  She´s from the Canary Islands.  Other side of the country.  Born in Argentina.  We´re a lot alike it´s scary.  I love her because we have the same attitude, ganas, and interests.  She´s going to help me with my latin dancing.....sooooo excited!!!!!   She´s gorgeous and looks like a famous Latin or flamanco dancer.  I thought she was like 30 when I met her.  She´s great I´m so happy I cried.  I am so blessed at this state in my mission there are no words.  It was like a mission reunion all these last 2 days!!!!  LOVE IT.  Before we left Hermana Smith and I wiped down the piso head to toe, re-organized, re-decorated, then were off on a train back to Barcelona.  I sent Hermana Smith on a plane yesterday to the islands, lucky, with my old companion who was a native as well and was left with the rest of the trainers to do whatever all yesterday in Barcelona before our trainees or greenies arrived in Barc.  SOOOO FUN!!!!!!   I love them all so much....WOW no words.  I´m soooo happy we have THE BEST mission/missionaries in the world!!!!!!    We took our trainees out for their first mission experience which was a race who could pass out 3 BOM´s first.  Out of 20 different companionships who took their trainees out...guess who won???   Yep you´re very own Hermana Walker and Cozzolino!!!!!  I know we´re amazing.  We received a plaque to take home for being the best contacters.  love it!!!  We´re going to ROCK and I mean ROCK where the bulls run free.....and that is PAMPLONA!!!!  Well I love you got to run....we´ll talk more later!!!  CHOW!

signing out, the one and only in the Spain Barcelona mission, HERMANA WALKER....peace >

ps sorry mom about my spelling errors not much time to think while writing esp. in English....very hard for me.  I dream in Spanish now.  and BYU sweatshirt no idea creo que en un caja somewhere and the one with big BYU letters please.  Thanks.  Password...I don´t ever remember any password on my phone.  is there a number you can call?  and cancel my debit card the machine ate it here.  annoying....need a new one now to the silver state account.  sorry nothing thing to do, love you.
Hermana Caminadora, Spain Barcelona Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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