Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Moments in life as a missionary in Potosi

Happy Birthday Emily!!!! I hope you have a ''hoppin'' day tomorrow.
Are you still enjoying your ipod?

This week, we had transfers. People left, people came. Life is, still the same.

Weirdest Moment: The weather. It changes faster than you can change
you mind. That´s why there are no weathermen here, it´s too
unpredictable. When I think it will be cold, it´s hot. vice-versa. One
day this week, it started off really cold. Then the sun hit really
hard and there was no clouds in the sky. Hacía muy calor. We went into
an appointment and left and about 10-15 min later. There was lightning
and thunder. Then it started sprinkling, then raining and before you
know it (within 30 seconds of the thunder) hail was shooting down at
you. We went back to the house to get a jacket, came back out. And
then it cleared again. Yeah

Most surprising Moment: At church, we had alot of unexpected
investigators come. That´s not the end. It was fast/testimoy meeting.
One of the younger investigators went up and bore his testimony of the
truthfullness of the Book of Mormon and of Jesus Christ! Then in our
gospel principle class, we taught about scriptures and the four books
that we consider scripture. Most of the people there were recent
converts. But we had them split up in 4 groups and read about the 4
books. Our investigator taught the whole class about the pearl of
great price in really surprising detail. We´ve never even mentioned it
to her before!

Not so great Moment: Thursday night, my stomach started making weird
sounds, but I thought it was nothing but the food. Then at night I had
the worst diarhea (gross no) and I couldn´t go to sleep very well. At
night, it was hot and I was sweating in my bed, but my body was
freezing. I would soon wake up and find out (moment of suspense) that
I was hot blooded, check it and see. I had a fever of 103 (actually
102, but that´s not the song). I spent most of Friday in my (death)
bed. Also, another gross detail, I went diarhea about as many times as
I threw up the first few days here. Which is worse, throwing up or
that other thing?

Funnest/Scariest/Most heart-beating Moment: On Monday, we were coming
home from a family home evening at a member´s house. As we turned the
corner from this downhill street, we heard this RUFF RUFF from the
street we just turned from. We looked back and saw nothing, but the
sound kept getting louder ruff Ruff RUFF. I looked back again and
there was this pitbull running straight towards us. I don´t even know
where it came from. My companion sprinted off right away. I was still
a little confused but as it got closer, I ran probably the fastest I
have in my life. We split paths to confuse it running around a truck.
It only stopped chasing me as I jumped down this wall thing. I had to
find my companion which I did. They should do that for our track team.
I bet the times would improve.

These are only a few moments in a long week of mine. The church is true

- Elder Walker

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