Monday, April 30, 2012

¡Hola! ¡Hola!

¡Buenas Dias America!
This week was full of miracles!  This week was the first week in all my 9 months on the mission that I have knocked doors, door to door, one by one.  I felt like a real missionary and personally I really rather enjoy door to door stuff.  It´s right in my comfort zone.  We just really have been having a drout this last month which has been hard, so we decided to just drop a ton of investigators that just were not progressing.  To be honest it feels good starting fresh.  We put our trust in the Lord that with those time slots opened up we would find somebody to teach, but not just teach baptize!  And that we did finally!  We plan to set a fecha with Jorge tonight in the Noche de Hogar with a family.  He is from Equador and is so ready! 
Something I have learned this week is how to be a mother.  I have felt like like I have had to take my new companion under my wings and do everything for her.  Teach her from the beginning, teach her how to listen to the spirit and investigators, and continue on with a positive attitude.  It´s been hard not going to lie.  I´ve never felt so stretched by the Lord before in all my life.  Somehow I feel like the Lord has still lightened by burden.  I have felt joy as I have seen her grow.  She always looks at me for a head shake of approval.  I enjoy it, I really do.  It´s interesting to see where she´s at and that I was once there.  I can now see the change it has made in my life through her.  I plan on treating her to Beatriz tonight, a really popular sweets place here.  The Nepolitana´s place is to die for!  Wish you could try them.  It´s a pastry with chocolate or white chocolate and other typical desert things they might serve in the middle.  Delicious!  Hermana Hinckley always gives me money to buy the zone Beatriz for all the conferences. 
Craig, I don´t know how you teach so many lessons in a do you breath?  Where do you find these people you teach because from my aspect your whole country is living here.  Cameron, Economics, great pick for a major.  I say go for grad school and do corp and gov stuff.  Why not do it all?  You have your whole life.  Also I´m serving with an Hermana Natalie Cruz who knows you from her freshmen ward.  Thinks you´re hillarious.  Ryan and Emily I love you.  Mom and Dad, I thank you for your support and every word you write!  It´s my gas for the week.  Like you say mom, never give up!  Quiting is not in the Walker´s vocabulary.
I know the Lord´s hand is in this work.  I know that as we listen to the spirit we will not ever wonder what we need to do.  It´s that simple.  I know the gospel can give anybody and I mean ANYBODY the confidence, motivation, satisfaction and happiness if they follow it´s teachings which are centered on Christ.  I love you all, keep up the letters and emails!
Hermana Marissa Walker
c/ Hermanos Imaz 6, 1B
Pamplona España 31002

Hermana Caminadora, Spain Barcelona Mission

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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