Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy whatever holiday it is here

I don´t have that much time because we have a cita (on Pday) and there 
was and is a huge protest outside. My companion made me take my tag 
off because he says I will get punched or something like that because 
I´m a white missionary. Either there are some fireworks or gunshots, I 
can´t tell the difference. 
Well with that, my week started off not the greatest. I would soon 
find out that the whole ciy was celebrating some holiday like Easter. 
However, not many of them know the real reason for the celebrations - 
Jesus Christ 
Monday - It was an elder´s birthday, one who lives with us and in my 
district. We were invited to have lunch/dinner at 7 different places 
and apparently he couldn´t say no. So yes, We ate 7 huge meals. I 
never knew eating could be so terrible and a work out. I´m not going 
to go into details of that night and the next morning, So for my pday, 
I ate. 
Tuesday - Nada, nothing, squat. We went to Betanzos to pay the 
pensionista of the other two elders. We couldn´t find anyone. The 
elders weren´t anywhere nor the pensionista. The only thing we did was 
play chess on the long bus ride (yeah, I´m a nerd. I bought a magnetic 
chess set for those times we wait around or pday). We went home tired 
and upset that we did nothing. 
Wednesday - It was better. Nothing special. Just a normal day of 
visiting, contacting, and teaching. 
Thursday - Not a lot of sucess. Most of our regulars either weren´t 
there or didn´t let us in. It was quite frustrating. 
Friday - Basically the same as Thursday. Everybody was at fiestas and 
the streets were barren. But there was a cool sight. A tradition here 
is to fly kites on this day. So many people went on the hills and were 
flying kites. Just like Mary Poppins. 
Saturday - Since it was still the partying season. We had to think of 
something else to find people. We looked through the area book with 
all the old investigators and decided to contact them. Some of them 
let us in or set a date for another time. But our miracle of the week 
was Freddy. He was an old investigator of my companions. They dropped 
him earlier because he apparently wasn´t progressing. He was very nice 
and had a few questions about our religion. Then, I forgot exactly 
what we said, but he started to open his heart to us. He told us that 
he had a daughter of 15 years die recently. He had many heart felt 
questions like why do children suffer or die young? Why does a loving 
God permit these things to happen to us? Through the tears, and a 
little tear of my mine, all I could do at the moment was bear my 
testimony that although his daughter´s body is dead, her spirit lives 
on right now and is hearing the same message that we bear. We gave him 
a the Plan of Salvation pamphlet to read and we would come back 
tomorrow prepared. 
So Sunday comes around and it is pretty normal with more drunks 
¨asleep´´ on the roads than normal. Later that day we went back to 
Freddy´s house. We taught the longest lesson that I´ve even been in. 
It went over and hour and a half because he had many questions. We 
brought a member who was recently been in many earthy trials and she 
did great. The spirit was the strongest there than in any of our 
lessons. As I´m writing this, I can still feel how it was yesterday. 
This guys had true desires to find out the why questions. At the 
close, we had him offer a prayer. It was the most sincere prayer I´ve 
heard from an investigator. I knew he was talking to God. He also said 
something interesting. He prayed for a way to go to church and bring 
his family too since he always works on Sunday to support his family. 
That was cool. ``Through Adam, we all die, but in Christ we live´´. 
Just as Christ overcame all pains, afflictions, temptations, and 
death; I testify that we can too. As we endure to the end we can come 
back into the prescence of our Padre Celestial with the grace of God. 
En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen. 
Also my scripture for my week - Eter 12:6 
- Elder Walker (or Wafler as my bishop announces every sunday for me 
playing the piano)

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