Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Dear Family,
Transfers are today, but I will be staying with Hermana Cozzolino to finish training her here in good old Pamplona where the bulls run free...(which will be running free in one month exactly)  My guess is we will leave the city and be staying with the sister in San Sebatian by northern coast during the run.  They have already started getting the city ready for this event.  This is President Hinckley´s last transfer.  Kina of sad, but I´m sure our new President will be just as outstanding.  Kind of sad in the mission all the people that come and go so fast. 
The weather has finally started to warm up.  Spring has finally made it´s way to the north of Spain, but so has the pollen.  There´s this cotton ball looking pollen here that flies around like me the worst allergies!  I sneeze about every 5 minutes.  It´s from this tree grown here that I forgot the name of.  My companion swallowed one the other day in the middle of talking to someone on the street.  She couldn´t finish talking I had to finish her sentence, kind of funny.
We dropped some more investigators this week.  Really sad because they become your friends out here.  It´s just not their time though.  We´re here to pick the flowers that have bloomed or the wheat that is ready for harvest.  Jesus came to teach, not to be taught.  Their buds just aren´t ready to bloom yet.  One whom I want to talk about is Richard.  His wife is a member and they have the CUTEST little 2 year old.  Such a character.  Richard really likes us.  His wife told us we are the first missionaries he´s really liked and sat and listened to.  He just can´t seem to accept the Book of Mormon as the word of God and just likes to argue.  Well the problem is is that he won´t even read the book.  You can´t judge a book by it´s cover.  We began to read with him and all he did was try and find faults with it.  We have told him that we can´t teach him until he does his homework and actually reads the book.  Well along that line I was reading in Ether this week.  Two things is that one it talks about us having faith first.  Richard all he wants is evidence and a messanger to come down from Heaven to give him the answer.  I told him it doesn´t work that way.  You have to have faith.  The brother of Jared had so much faith that Christ showed himself to him.  His faith then became perfect knowledge.  As we read and study we gain that perfect knowledge.  I know the book is true because I have read it as well as the bible which testifies of the truth of the book as well.  Many people just listen to what they hear instead of going straight to the source.  Also I read in Ether 9:19 this week that they had elephants upon the land back then.  Well I thought that was odd that anciently they had elephants upon the land.  I thought they were only in Asia and Africa.  Well a member shared with us the other day that recently in South America elephant fossils have been found as well as a bunch of ancient records in a cave that are the same figures anciently as enscribed in the Book of Mormon.  Interesting fact huh?  I get south american news first hand here ha.
My miracle this week is Osas from Nigeria.  He is the most prepared investigator I´ve ever taught.  The gospel just makes sense to him.  Lessons are easy and short because he just gets it.  We started questioning him because it was too good to be true.  I thought, no one is this easy to convert.  By the second lesson he had a fecha for the 9th of June.  We were just waited for a doubt or question to come, but he never had one.  We have been teaching him a lot now and just this past Tuesday he decided to open up to us.  He told us of a dream he had the night before we were contacted him.  Before going to be he was reading in Revelations 4:4-11, which talks about missionary work.  Later that night he said he had a dream where we were teaching him and sharing fruit, sharing oranges with him.  But he had no clue who we were at this point.  The next morning we contacted him and his friend Joy on the street.  That next week we passed by and rang the timbre.  He said he knew it was true all along.  He was just waiting on us.  We later read and talked about Lehi´s dream and the fruit he partook of.  The spirit was so strong.  He showed up to church with a big smile and is really, really excited about his baptism.  Too good to be true.  Our other fechas we had for this week decided not to answer their phones all week.  Oh the work of the adversary.  We are teaching some beautiful new families from Pamplona, Spaniard!  We´re really excited about that. 
Love you all stay true to the faith!
Hermana Walker

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