Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Mother´s day!

It was nice to talk with you guys yesterday. I´m sorry that you guys 
couldn´t see my beautiful face, had to hear my sick voice, and looked 
bored. Everything basically sounds the same back at home - busy, 
stressful, yet fun. Since I already talked to you guys, I don´t really 
have much to write about. Thanks for the advice about my companion. I 
have an interview at 8 o clock tonight and will bring that up. I will 
also talk with him beforehand. Right not we are in Sucre for our zone 
conference. In about an hour or so, our zone is going to play sucre´s 
zone in soccer. Go Zona Potosi! 
Well, like I said when I talked to you guys, we weren´t very 
productive in our workings this week for those circumstances. But 
there are changes within the mission in about a week and I won´t be in 
training anymore. Also, I will get a new companion which is needed. My 
area has so much potential in it, but I need a companion that will 
work hard, obey the rules, and work with me. When you and your 
companion are not in sync (haha nsyc), have contention, or don´t obey 
the rules, you can´t have the spirit which turn means you can´t teach. 
That is critical. 
Oh, I forgot to tell you guys about the political uprest stuff this 
week in every city in Bolivia. The minis or buses that give 
transportation for all of the cities wanted more money and went on 
strike this week. So that meant walking everywhere, even if I needed 
to get to the other side of the city. There was no buses from Monday 
to Friday. So one day, we walked to the zone leaders house to pick up 
something. They live in the very center of the city and for 2 days 
couldn´t leave their house. However, we did not know that there were 
protests, riots, and other stuff in the center. About every 20 to 30 
seconds, you would hear a boom. The protestors were throwing dynamite 
and other exploding stuff or throwing blood on some buildings. It was 
pretty intense. Yeah, we left that area pretty fast. 
That´s about all I have to say until next week. Peace, love, happiness. 
-Elder Walker 
(those pictures are from the museum of money. It is the main turist 
attraction in Potosi for some reason. That face above our heads is the 
face of Potosi - scary no.)

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