Thursday, October 24, 2013

And he arrives!

¡OLE!!!!!!!!!!  Ay que rico soy un misionero!!!
This place is flippin wierd.  All I´ve had to eat today is cereal with what <i thought was milk but turns out was yogurt that tased like nacho cheese.  And the majority of the town is in shambles and small shacks stacked on top of eachother like >Jenga..  Its actually really cool, I love it!  I feel like I´m in a zombie apocalypse.  But I need to spread the word of the Lord to the zombies.  My companion is an Elder Calhoun from the movie The Best Two Years.  He´s alway talking to himself and making weird comments.  I think he´s hilarious, unintentionally.
Sorry mom I dont have time to respond to your letters, we were only given 10 minutos. 
But guess what!  Ok.  So on the plane ride to Peru, I happened to sit next to another Elder, who I call my first companion, and this nice lady named Kathy (Kati).  I talked some español pretty easily with her and for the first 4 hours of the flight the three of us just hung out and had a fiesta.  But then she fell asleep.  Me and my companion looked at eachother and knew it was time.  We broke out Preach My Gospel and a Libro de Mormon and prepared a small lesson for her on the restoration.  When she woke up, we struck.  SHe was a goldmine!  She took it happily and talked about her faith and love for Jesus Christ, and how she never knew which Church to join.  BAM!  we got her.  She promised to read it and we left our testimonios inside.  I gave my first Book of Mormon before I was even in Peru. 
I´m out of time.  Love you guys.  Peru is sweet.  There´s no where else I´d rather be; I´m having the time of my life.
Con Amor
Elder Walker

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