Monday, October 7, 2013

Not Trunky

Dear family,

Well this is weird. At the end of my mission, I`m getting more letters than ever! Looks like everyone is trying to make me trunky. Pues, It`s not going to work! I have more energies than ever and I`m doing work. Just ask my companion. hehe. 

Thank you for your prayers! Like Pres. Monson said, you can really feel them. Even when my body feels tired, I get a spiritual boost that pumps up my energies. I know it`s all the prayers around the world. Even when they prayed for the missionaries during the conference, I could feel the spirit inside of me. It was as if someone else was inside. 

About conference. I really like Uckdorf, Nelson, and Bednar`s talk! Exclamation point. Hollands` was nice for the psychology that I`ll get back into. The gospel really has the best psychology! Exclamation point. 

Just like you guys ask me questions and tell me things to write about, I would like to hear from you guys in your letters, Who are you teaching or helping come to Christ? I would like specific names and details please. Just like Elder Ballard said, every member should give AT LEAST one reference to the missionaries before Christmas, or what he meant to say, before Elder Craig Walker comes home.

We did service for Rosario, the woman who I talked about 2 letters ago who would only talk about how blue my eyes were. We used a machete for the service project. No mom, I won`t cut myself with that ``knife´´. We cut thorns, vines, palm trees, grass, but mostly espinas. And we did it all with a machete. I also brought a rake and a shovel to the service but Rosary said, ``we don`t need those, they aren`t machetes. Oh what do I know, Gringos work harder and smarter than us bolivianos.´´ jaja. We ended up using everything. During the service she kept saying things like ``I heard the mormons are really good people´´ ``I did have that dream 3 years ago when God told me it was true´´ and how much she didn`t like her church. She even said she might change, refering to our church. She`s a little crazy and needs a husband, but she`s also a child of God who is looking for the peace in this world.

We got 2 baptisms this week, Felix and Alex, the ones that I talked about from my last letter. This is probably the reason why I`m not getting trunky yet, too much work to do... I`ll send you Photos the next week. Their parents came. I think it might be a step back to activation in the church. Felix wanted his dad to baptize him, but his dad kept saying that he wasn`t worthy. He said he would have to be active in order to baptize (even though that`s not specifically true). But like I said, it`s a step towards Christ because he felt pretty bad about not baptizing his son. We`ll see progress soon.

Well my 6 pack hurts. Too much ab ripper x. Take care, love,
Elder Walker

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