Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Cameron

Have a great birthday Saturday Cameroncito. Sorry we`re all going to miss it. Eu desejo que eu poderia falar português tão bom quanto você pode ... mas eu estou lendo o Livro de Mórmon em português.

Ryan, you still have 9 days, so you`ll get one more email from me. Just be obedient down there in Perú. The ``gringos´´ usually are the most obedient. Don`t be disappointed by the latino elders, instead help them. Many of them are converts are don`t have the same background that you have. Also, some Elders who have been in my mission live in your mission, Lima norte. I told them to look for an Elder Walker...so don`t be surprised if someone randomly talks to you.

I played Racquetball the first time in 2 years this morning with the bishop. He whooped me 3-1, I`m a little rusty after two years, but it was a good excuse to talk to him about some things in the ward and get some exercise.

I love my area and ward. I feel like here, I can utilize all my talents. I also feel like i`m more than a missionary, an angel. I`m just now fully recognizing and using the Spirit and the power the Lord gives to missionaries. Advice for Ryan - record your setting apart or at least write it down afterwards. That setting apart is REAL. Utilize that power and authority given to you to the max. 
Also, this is one of the few wards in the mission Cochabamba that acts like a family and cares for one another, not only just a salutation on Sunday then strangers during the week. I think I finally learned how to fully gain the trust of people right off the bat and continue in that confidence. I realized what type of Elders people trust and with whom they can share their deep feelings. You`ve gotta be their friend. Joke and play with them. Smile alot and share your personal feelings or scriptures with them. Then ask them questions and of course listen as a true friend does. Be serious in serious moments. And never fake anything, it´s pretty obvious.

My companion and I usally go on splits with many members and work with the leaders wayyy better than I`ve done in my whole mission. (On a side note, I don`t really like when we go on splits because after a whole three hours or more of working, he comes back teaching only 1 or 2 people which is usually taught to little kids age 8 - 12. He likes teaching little kids but is intimidated by adults.) I really do like the change from `Missionary work´ to `The Work of Salvation´ because it puts more emphasis in everyone helping out to save lives which in turn saves us. We can`t be perfect without them and them without us. 

Even though in the streets, many people look at us weird like `what are these bums doing here´, I testify that this is the Lord`s work. I am His instrument to save and improve lives. We will all have to choose one day if we`re on the Lord`s side or not. There is no inbetween.

-Elder Walker


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