Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Last Stride

Dear Family,

''Lengthen your Stride'' is really put into action as I am now on my last transfer. My companion´s leaving (but not very far, he goes 3 min away to the area of the temple). And it looks like I´m training to finish my mission, so I don´t know who my companion´s going to be. The zone leaders weren´t even sure if I´m training. They just heard where my companion is going and Pres. Dyer forgot to say my name so they just supossed that I´m training. It will be my first time actually training someone new. With my last companion, I just finished training him. Looks like my only begotten son will kill me (in the mission of course).

I know that my companion will be great, a spiritual giant. After a while in the mission, one realizes how God works. This past week, we found many people. But they weren´t just people who we talk to in the streets and then we never see them again. We found people prepared from the Lord. I wondered, why this week? It was clear to me that God prepares people before hand and they are ready when the right person (or in this case Elder) comes along. That´s something that Ryan will figure out as he leaves. God has prepared people specifically for him, and if he´s not worthy at that moment, someone else will come along. 
Here are some of the people this week:
-to start off we had 10 investigators come to church
- Lena and her 3 kids. They are a family that have been prepared. Her husband is almost never there due to his work but he did listen to the Elders before because they have a book of mormon in their house that she makes her kids read to learn how to read. Lena was a reference from a member Rosemary Ortuño. They are both Moms who have kids who go to the same school. Lena sees a great and healthy life in Rosemary and wants the same for her life. After 3 weeks ago, she had a dream about Rosemary. It went something like this; Rosemary had a lot that was very beautiful and Lena asked her if she can get her a lot like that for her family. Rosemary said, sure. She found a beautiful lot with a house and a big garden. That was a about it. It´s obvious that her dream was related to the gospel. They all came to church Sunday and I put a baptism date for my birthday ;). Just goes to show the importance of members and that they are always showing a good example.
- Nelson Salazar. His wife and kid are members of the church. He listened to the missionaries for the last two years and has gone to church as well. He considers himself member, even though he´s not baptized. He says he´s mission revelation. Everyone talks about how they have recieved some type of revelation and he´s waiting for that. But one of his problems is that he´s only praying. If he wants to find an answer, he has to read the book of mormon, the evidence that holds it all together.
-Manuel (the blind guy) and his wife are going to get married in November (for my birthday again ;) ).
- Eularia and Diego. Mother and Son. They have several problems. She´s divorced (very ugly that included the her husband hitting her every day), she has 4 children and doesn´t make very much money. Just enough for food everyday, the monthy rent, and sometimes new clothes. Diego is 15 years old and it´s something very hard for a 15 year old to go through all that. Scars his life. They came to church and I saw them smile for the first time.

I´m still not trunky but I do catch my thoughts drifting to life after the mission, food, having fun, school, etc. I try to focus myself when that happens. But I am working even harder that ever.

I still want to hear (read) specific names who you guys are teaching or have given as a reference to the missionaries. 
-Elder Walker
eres lo maximo


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