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Hard Teaching September 30, 2013

Dear Family,

Thank you for your letters - emily, thank you for your 5 letters..

This week, my teaching skills were challenged many times. Teaching is not only teaching to their needs, but also being the example of what you teach. That being said, we are always teaching.

Here are the people that made my week a challenge;

Tatiana Prado, age 45, her husband`s a member. She comes to many activites and Church a few times. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ and tried putting a baptismal date. She`s very catholic and wouldn`t accept a date. Ok, if Christ were here teaching you, would you do what you says? Yes. How can you know what he wants or His will? Praying. So if God answers your prayer that this is true and the right path to follow will you follow it? No.
?? Why. Just accept a date and you`ll see miracles happen. It was very tense and was an hour long. It was like a bull. I had to watch every move and say the right thing or I would be dead.

Maritza Lara, 33, returned missionary and inactive in the church. She`s had a ROUGH time since she`s been back. One terrible thing that happened to her was that her mom committed suicide and people would tell her that there`s no hope, even the best of friends. She would cry until there were no more tears. It was sad. What could we teach? She wouldn`t even let me talk. Everytime I tried, she would cry or make an evil face. It was also a little scary. We gave her a priesthood blessing and left D&C 121-122 to read.

Mariabel Sabalaga, 55, daughter is member (young women`s stake pres) and her other daughter wants to get baptized but can`t get permission from Mariabel. She has a TON of doubts about the book of mormon and Josè Smith. I would try explaining or having her read but she would just say to me sharply, ``It`s not obligatory!" Then how are you supposed to find out that it`s true if you don`t read the evidence! ``I have asked many people about it and I`m fine". Uhh

Daniella Arze, 23, very religious and active in her church. Sister`s a member. She accepted a lot of things we taught her and we did it using her bible and basically convinced her. Many hard questions as well. As we finished the lesson, I invited her to pray. ``Yeah, I`ll pray, but i`m sure it`s not true!" Even if God says it is? ``I`m positive my church`s true". Way to humble yourself before God!

Ruth, 50, Laura, 29, Mother and Daughter are teachers in the Catholic Church and know the bible in and out. Her other daughter and son are members of the church. They kept making many indirects trying to bash the church. I just shrugged them off and kept my smile. I only made it to the Great Apostasy because of their many comments.

Felix Herrera 15 and Alex Herrera 12, Parents are inactives in the church. These two kids are VERY inteligent. We`ve been teaching them for a long time and I was going to drop them. Alex was ready to get baptized but wanted to do it together with his brother. Felix said he was missing "something". We read Acts 2:37-43 and talked about baptism. He said that he was afraid. 1 John 4 - God is love. v18 "There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear." Ch.5 v.3 "For this is the love of God, that we keep His comandments." Boom. He accepted! Yea! Let`s see if we get a baptism this week.

-Elder Walker

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