Sunday, October 6, 2013

Women . . . September 23

Dear family,
Elder Calderon from the presidency of the area came this week. I learned a couple things that I can apply. Trusting more in the Lord, and working more with members. That`s about it.
I learning more in my area about patience. Patience and perseverance make big problems seem small and insignificant. Everyone of our baptisms we`ve had planned have fallen. For many small reasons also like getting married, the desires, etc. We could have like 20 people. But I`m sure that happens in all areas. I`m tired of my leaders in the mission. My district leader just talks about finding new people and if we don`t find the standard of excellence for the mission, 15 new people, he gets angry at us. He mostly focuses on my companion and I. The other 2 elders in his district are his friends and are also in his ward. My zone leaders, uhh, don`t even get me started. They are the other 2 elders in my ward and are making our lives harder here. The assistents came to our house and took away our couch, microwave, and toaster (most of the other houses don`t have that stuff) and put them in their house. I understand that other missionaries don`t have those things, but what bugged me is that they put it in their house. Just hard to follow leaders that are like that.
Sorry for the negative and now for the positive :)
This woman that we are teaching is named ilsy. She`s come to church many times, but thinks that all churches are good. We taught her about the restoration and the book of Mormon and thinks that its just good also. It wasn`t until we said that it`s the only true church on the earth. That perked her attention because she`s catholic and said ´´well what about the other ones.´´ We had to teach her the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ again, she apparently didn`t understand. We taught her mostly about the authority and power of God, the priesthood. It was quite interesting. After the lesson, we gave her a health blessing because she was a little sick. The next time we came over, she talked about how she was healed quickly because of that blessing and believes even more in our words! It was cool to see how God works in people. I`m sure she had enough faith to be healed and believed even before we gave her the blessing. Miracles follow faith.
We then taught her about the plan of salvation. I don`t think I have ever taught the plan of salvation to a married woman without having them cry. In the past 3 weeks, I`ve had about 10 women cry on me over their husbands, children, mistakes they`ve made, etc. I`m sure it won`t be the last time either...
Another woman we found this week is Rosario. She came to the church Sunday night (A week ago) to pray. We just happened to be there that night. We talked to her to see what was up and also gave her a blessing of comfort. All she could do was look into our eyes and say, ``what beautiful eyes´´ ``you guys have a certain light in your eyes´´ ``you guys have no bad in your eyes´´. Yeah, i get it. It just made me laugh. We went to talk to her Wednesday. We taught her about the restoration and families. She told us of a dream she had 3 years ago. She wanted to know which church was true and in her dreams she heard the words ``the Mormon church´´. That caught me off guard. I know she has been prepared to hear this message of comfort and peace, which is what she`s looking for. I wondered why she didn`t join the church earlier but I realized that God wants us to unify the family first. Her son lives with her sister, her parents are dead and her siblings fight all the time, and her ex husband also causes troubles. Looks like we got alot of work to do.
Whatever you are, be a good one
-Elder Walker

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