Sunday, October 6, 2013

Received on our way to Thailand, Mas Fotos

Dear family ,

Good news, for the first time in 21 months, I´m officially a legal Boliviano . I got my identification and can now also leave the country. Also received my ''carta tronki'' where it says my due date and my schedule for my last week... 

We have new people coming out from no where; good things are happening in the area. The piano lessons that I started is starting to be a success. The first week, we didn´t have anyone, the next a few more, and this last week we had about 8 come! It´s funny because we´re supposed to teach English at 7 and piano at 7:30, but it just ends up to be only piano as people arrive late (on time for Bolivia ). We had a pretty fun service project as we hiked with machetes high on a hill to get to the house and then cut down some 4 trees (There´s some photos on this email and on one more I´ll send... it won´t let me send more). It was hard but fun work. The woman was scared that the tree would fall down on her house and outside bathroom, so she put a wooden pole on the top of her nature shower. As the big tree came down, it hit the wooden pole as sent it flying in an arch-shaped manner and landed perfectly inside her window  and shattered the glass. Sometimes destiny finds us on the path we choose to prevent it. 

We found this one guy named Luis Alfredo this week. He looks like the typical punk. He has black hair shaved at both sides in this weird looking mohawk and puts it straight up. He also has a couple black piercings in his ears; they´re actually more like nails or sharp points his ears. He has acne all over his face, and looks like he just came out of doing drugs. And let me just say that I love this guy!
His dad died about 6 years ago and his mom is in Santa Cruz and sometimes España. He lives with his 3 brothers and they all look the same. I feel like I knew Luis before. He´s so fun to talk to. He goes to a church, but it doesn´t really like the preacher and thinks he´s a hypocrite because he doesn´t treat his wife and children good. I asked him if he thought he has authority from God. He doesn´t. More and more, he believes in the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He just awesome and wants to know the answers to lives questions, which we have. 

I had a little red hen experience sunday. We put on a fireside representing the Missionary work. There are 4 missionaries in the ward and when we went to plan for the activity, the other 3 elders didn´t want to do it and had negative attitudes. The other companionship didn´t show and even my companion was saying no to all my ideas. They were being bums so I decided to do all other it by myself and with the ward mission leader. I´m pretty sure the other 3 elders thought it would be a failure. None of them helped me set everything up; the projector, computer, getting the videos, set up the miny activities, refreshments, etc. So the night came and none of the other elders even wanted to talk, so I had to lead and do the talking. The other companionship even showed up halfway through the fireside ! Well, it was a success. I had three clips about 7 minutes long about missionary work. I showed one, then we did a skit about knocking doors. Watched another one, then did another fun activity. Watched the last one then had a few testimonies, the wrote 3 names and their directions with whom they could share the gospel. Then the bishop gave closing words. Afterwards, everyone was congratulating me as if it were my birthday or after a piano concert. They all loved it and we received more than 20 references!  The other 3 elders got pretty mad (and jealous) that they weren´t included in the program.... Did they help me think of ideas? No. Did they help up me set everything up? No. Did they even want to be there? No. They just wanted the glory from the members. 
Well, besides that, I´m just happy the members are excited to share the gospel with their friends, which will bless the ward greatly.

Lght tomorrow with today!!

Elder Waker 
Have fun in Thailand, with mission prep, in Washington D.C, at BYU, and playing soccer. I`m going to sign off now and play some ultimate frisbee for the first time in bolivia! CHAO
-Eldercito Walker

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