Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Aint nobody dope as me I´m just so fresh and clean

Thank you for your letters! I磎 glad that everything磗 going well back 
and home and that my music is irreplaceable. I磎 also excited that USA 
is doing good in the Olympics. 
Time has been flying by. I磎 pretty sure I leave Potosi in two weeks, 
but I磍l keep you updated with that when it actually happens. Tomorrow 
and wednesday, we磖e going to Sucre for another zone conference. 
That磗 another 5 hour drive down a mountain and then another 5 hours 
back up. 
This week was pretty busy, not really proselyting, but just other 
things that keeps popping up. And Saturday was probably one of the 
best days I磛e had, the week ended perfectly. It started with us doing 
service in the morning. Then for lunch, my pensionista made a great 
pizza. Right after that, we had a baptism!! Three of our investigators 
got baptized. We found them one day knocking doors. As I told you guys 
before, we磛e found many inactive people. Well, about 2 months ago, we 
found a woman who was baptized 18 years ago and has been inactive for 
15 years. She told us that she磗 been having desires to go back to 
church. She also has 3 daughters at the age of 18, 15, and 11. The 15 
year old is Ryan in girl form, that磗 why I磛e been asking for his 
help, but he never responded to me... But we activated the woman and 
taught her children. Then this past Saturday, we baptized all of them. 
I baptized 2 of them and my companion the other one. It was a great 
baptism and members actually showed up and support! It was awesome. We 
are trying to work with the dad and there aunts and uncles. Some of 
them are already members, but we磖e going to try to get all of them in 
the church. Right after the baptism was a wedding in the chapel. A 
convert (from my last companion) that was baptized a week before I 
came in got married to a member that was baptized a year ago! They are 
going to go to the temple in 6 months when they can. Gabriel, my other 
convert is great. Did I already mention that he磗 the secretary for 
the ward? He brings us food sometimes in the morning and loves to 
accompany us in our visits! He has a great testimony and spirit with 
him! He is truly a disciple of Christ. In the pictures, those are my 
best friends in the mission. My converts and my companion. Mom - he 
said he added me on Facebook, you should say yes. My face my look a 
little burnt and red in the photos. Although it is very cold here, we 
are also very close to the sun and I get burnt alot. It磗 weird here. 
But after the time that we were at the wedding, we went to go  visit 
some less actives who came to our baptism. They celebrated with us and 
we had a family home evening in their house. They decided to come back 
to the church after 8 years. They are ready for the change and are 
coming next Sunday. We then finished the night with more pizza. I 
bought pizza in the one of the only pizza places here. That was a 
great day. 
I know that God loves all of his children and provides in his own way 
and time. I know that Jesus is the Christ, the savior of the world, 
and through him, we can return to our Heavenly Father磗 presence. This 
is His church and He runs it through revelation to his leaders. The 
Book of Mormon is the word of God and a man can grow closer to God by 
applying the precepts in the book. As I磛e said in almost every 
testimony of mine, that I know these things for my self by the spirit. 
It磗 something that I feel and know is true. Gabriel asked me a funny 
question before his baptism - why does everyone say the same thing 
during their testimony. I told him that they share their feelings of 
what they know to be true. I remember a year ago, Ryan and I were in 
the stake priest hike thingy in Zion. While we were hiking, I was 
talking to one of the leaders, Brother Noorda. I was sharing some cool 
things that I learned at BYU and cool ideas. He was sharing some stuff 
he has learned. Cool things like some evidence that people have found 
of the Book of Mormon and other cool stuff. But he told me that none 
of that stuff matters. If you have felt the testifying power of the 
Holy Ghost that it磗 true, you don磘 need anymore evidence. I asked, 
but doesn磘 it help your testimony that this stuff is true. He said, 
nope. I just do it because it磗 fun.创 I thought about that, and I now 
I realize what he truly means. If all the evidence is taken away, I 
would still know it磗 true by the Holy Ghost. People always ask us all 
the time for evidence that it磗 true. But it磗 not necessary. Pray. 
Have faith. Listen. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 
-Elder Walker 


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