Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

So just like Marissa, I didn磘 know it was 4th of July either this 
week. That is until my pensionista surprised me with really good 
fries, an American hamburger (the first I had in 6 months), and an 
American flag in the burger. It was awesome, I might send you a 
picture. My pensionista is the best and really is like a mom here. 
Also, that same day, we were in a lesson watching a little video on 
the plan of salvation. Then all of the sudden, everything went pitch 
black. The kids got out their cell phones. I thought it was only the 
house. I walked outside and the whole street was black. I then looked 
toward the center of the city and the Cerro Rico, and the whole city 
was blacked out!! It reminded me in the book of mormon right before 
Christ came, there was blackness for 3 days. However for us, it was 
only about 15 min. Yep, that was chevre. 
Cambios were this week. I磎 pretty sure I磎 leaving this area in 5 
more weeks or the next change. I am going to be here for 6 months. An 
Elder that is new here in Potosi was looking at my photos and asking 
questions. He saw that my brother and sister were or are on a mission. 
He asked where they went. I told him that my brother just returned 
from Rio de Janero, Brasil. He was like Wow! Then I said that my 
sister is in Barcelona, Spain. Once again he was blown away and told 
me, ``dude, you really got screwed over...创 I thought about that 
statement. And I have decided that the Bolivia Cochabamba mission is 
for me. Sure I don磘 have hardly any luxuries or cool tourist places 
at all, but I wouldn磘 have experienced so much or learned as much as 
I have (i still have a lot to go) if I did go to another country or 
mission. And that has been the theme for this week. 
I thing I have learned is how to work with members and the bishopric. 
We had an intense meeting with the bishop and his counselors. We 
usually always bring our report of our investigators, but this time, 
we forgot. But the bishopric never does anything with it so we didn磘 
think it was that big of a deal. The bishop called my companion a bad 
leader for not having it and that made him angry. We spent about 2 
hours, talking, discussing, a little bit of fighting, and during the 
whole thing, I was laughing a little bit. I didn磘 talk much because 
most of the things they were arguing about were kinda pointless. For 
example, they don磘 want us to play soccer or basketball or any sports 
with the members or investigators because we should be fully 
concentrated on the work. I agreed. Then the other Elders argued that 
is wasn磘 a rule and in all other areas, they play with the people to 
gain their trust. I also agreed. Nonetheless, it was pointless. 
However, yesterday, it was a miracle. The bishopric went on splits 
with us! They helped so much in the lesson and getting to know our 
investigators. Also, with one family that has a baptism date (flia 
flores-Martinez), the bishop knows them and actually lived with them 
before. He磗 going to help us with that family and go with us tonight 
to visit them. He gave us alot a key information that has happened to 
that family. 
Well I hope things are going well back at home. Ryan, you still 
haven磘 told me what interests you about the gospel. But I know you 
are busy having fun. I believe it磗 summer break. The school磗 here 
also have a break for 2 weeks. They say it is because of the cold 
here. Good excuse for a break. Que el se駉r les bendiga. 
-Elder Walker 

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