Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hola, Como estaís

Thank you very much for the letters and encouraging remarks! They 
really do help me. 
Now that my spanish is way better and I don´t make some embarassing 
mistakes anymore, I would like to make fun of myself just a little 
bit. This probably would be more funny for those that know spanish and 
what it´s like learning a new language. :) 
Can I help you wash your bananas? (instead of plates) 
I know that we can become clean of our fish. Through repentance and 
faith in Jesus Christ, our fish will be washed away. (instead of sins) 
Lady - It is windy, no? Me - I´m good. And you? (heard wrong) 
When I´m orange.... (insted of angry) 
As I fart, I feel that same love that Christ has for us. (instead of 
serve, must´ve been slang...) 
Wow, that´s pregnant! (instead of embarassing) 
Yeah, I washed my horse this morning. (instead of hair) 
There´s probably a lot more, but thats enough for now. There´s a lot 
of words that sound the same, but mean something completely different. 
I don´t have much to write about, but I do want to say that I have 
seen miracles in my area. When I got here and during my first couple 
months, the bishopric and the missionaries were in a constant fight. 
They never got along. The members didn´t trust us for squat. We really 
didn´t have good investigators to teach, only children and teenagers. 
But with my companion that I have now, we have worked hard, and I can 
see the blessings. We work well or much better with the bishopric, but 
there is still need of improvement. The members love having us and 
hearing from us and aren´t scared of us anymore. We have found some 
great investigators of all different sorts. They are progressing well. 
My only convert, Gabriel, is great. Yesterday, he recieved the 
Melquesidek priesthood and a calling as the bishop´s secretary. His 
testimony is inspirational when he shares it. He wants to go on a 
mission, but is already 26 and the stake president said no. But he has 
been on splits with us and is fantastic. I know the Lord is using him 
and his talents. Tomorrow, my companion goes to Sucre for a conference 
between the leaders. So Gabriel is going to be a missionary for a day 
with me! I hope I´m in Cochabamba in a year when he gets to go through 
the Temple. It´s great. 
Also, we have been finding less or inactives in various places. We 
knock doors alot, and say we missionaries from the church of latter 
day saints or sometimes known as mormons. They say, yeah, so am I or 
at least I was. Seriously, there are several of those in my area and 
probably in the whole mission. This week alone, we taught 9 lessons 
with less-actives. We have seen some of them return back to the 
church. And this morning, we were playing basketball and futsol for a 
less active family. They said that they would like to return, but 
there´s no time. Every sunday, they have games to play. We tried many 
tactics with them, but then I said, We´ll play you in basket. If you 
lose, you are coming to church next sunday. They agreed because they 
said they were really good. So this morning was the match, my 
companion and I, Gabriel, and another teenager vs the 4 of them. They 
weren´t bad, but ended up losing. They agreed to come to church. I 
felt like I was good at basketball for a moment (I had scored the 
majority of the points) until I realized that I´m taller here than in 
the U.S and also, we play and watch alot more basketball than them, if 
they even play at all. 
Well, have a great week, Ta-Ta 

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