Tuesday, July 24, 2012

one year? nah.

Dear Family,

I cannot seem to believe I have been doing this for a year.  Time is getting shorter.  My companion for my mission birthday was really cute and made a beautiful breakfast with signs everywhere.  What else?  Oh ya...congrats to Lauren Tarver and Lacey who have made one of the greatest choices they will never regret to serve a mission!!!   Keep me posted you two.

We got back to Pamplona this Tuesday with a long list of things to do.  Running two areas at once was a joke, but kept me focused more than normal.  I like being busy because then it doesn´t give me time to think about home.  This week was hard.  Don´t know why.  Coming back to this party town was interesting.  Everything had an after smell of alcohol.  All the beautiful green grass everywhere is now brown or gone.  Sad.  Lot´s of trash everywhere as well.  Good thing is no one was ran over by any bull.  No one died, no one was harmed. Coming back from Zaragoza where they continued my clases de baile (dance classes) inspired me to start my dance classes again.  Really my companion gave me a little push in the bum to do it here in Pamplona even though we can´t use the church to do it.  So we started clases de baile back up and this time in the park.  Well what a blessing that we can´t do it in the church because in the park it attracts more people just walking by.  Hey, who woulda thunk?  We blasted the music and talk some country line dancing.  Lot´s of fun!  For the first class that we planned two days before we had over 20 investigators and their friends present!!!!  What a success.  I was shocked to be honest.  Blew me out of the water.  The Elders came, didn´t bring anyone but brought us batteries haha but were a huge help.  Now the Elders want to play their guitars and bag-pipes before the class startes to attract more people.  haha.  So they asked President yesterday and he said he´d have to think about it.  Our new president is really a neat guy.  He went on and on yesterday in my interview about how he needs to make 4 more missionaries out of me before I leave (means I´ll prob, be training again, darn).  He said you´ve created another dynamite missionary out of you and I can´t keep the two of you together for any more transfers.  The other sisters need help, what a compliment to me, but I felt so undeserving of it since we haven´t had a ton of baptisms here in the north.  But we have helped this area and ward grow in ways that I believe may not show in numbers, but feel more in the things that matter most.  Although we have a ton of people we are just waiting on to just make the decision and take the step of baptism.  Hopefully all our hard work will pay off this month.  We had a ton of success in Zaragoza!  Oh how I miss it their.  We gave them 3 baptisms!  Too bad we couldn´t have been there this weekend to see them....story of my life.  Patience.

Well I love you all!  Never forget that.  Never forget who you are and what you stand for.  God´s real and loves each and everyone of us.  Have faith, have patience and once you do share that with someone else.

Con amor,
Hermanita Walker

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