Thursday, July 5, 2012


Last Zone Conference with President and Sister Hinkley
iT´S weird, i had totally forgotten it was 4th of July until our new president reminded us monday!!!!  I ´ve become a Spaniard.  I only celebrate their holidays now.  it just kind of happens that way...did it happen that way on your missions?  Well anyway such an exciting week!!!  Our new President arrived Friday and he and is wife are just great!!!!  Exactly what I need right now.  Más personal.  I feel like I´ve known them my whole life, like their family friends or something.  He´s not a thing like President hinckley even though I LOVED President Hinckley and learned a ton from him.  The Hinckley´s were más formal and stressed obedience.  The Pace´s are more relaxed and all about loving the people.  He says if you don´t love the Lord or the people you will not want to be obedient or serve them.  so true.  President Pace first time meeting me shakes my hand and says "Hermana Walker, there is something different about you then all the other missionaries."  Well....gulp...garsh...made me feel really really good!  It was Hermana Pace´s birthday in which my companion and I put treats and cards together as well as decorations.  He came up to us personally and says thank you I knew your fingerprints were all over this.  He then the next time came and sat down right next to me just to talk about me.  I like the PACES soooooo much!!!  Conversation is so natural.  I felt nervous talking with the Hinckley´s sometimes.  Never knew how to act, put I can see the Paces being family friends with us Walker´s.  They´re a lot more lax and funny.
So we have officially evacuated from Pamplona, too bad because we had 3 baptism fechas for this weekend.  We were just going to have the members take care of the baptism but then decided it would be better if we were there to help out. so...They´ll just have to get baptized when we get back.  One is a Bolivian woman, the other an Equitorian woman, and then a Spaniard Joven.  Things were getting bad in Pamplona so we thought we had better leave before the bulls come charging at us.  haha.  It was fun seeing all the pre-festivities.  Did you get the video I sent you and the document so that you can feel like you´re there?  We were in Bilboa for a day and a half with the Paces, then took a 6 hour train ride back to my first area ZARAGOZA!!!!!!!!!!  I´m really excited to be serving back here for the next 3 weeks!!!!  We have plenty to do,  finish her training which ends next week, keep the work going in Pamplona through the help of the members, visit all my recent converts here, and maybe try and get a baptism here.  that would be neat, but hard.  we´ll see what we can do.  I have a list of people to visit.  It´s really exciting already because I was here when I couldn´t speak a lick of Spanish nor understand.  So the other day our dueño Antonio comes over, he´s a member, and says oh my goodness you speak spanish now hahaha!!!!!  I couldn´t ever understand a word he ever said either and now i somehow understand everything he says!!!!  wow...tender blessings of the Lord.  I didn´t realize how much i had grown until now.  Then at district meeting the senor couple leans over to me and compliments how much my spanish has grown.   made me feel good.  I can´t wait to see everyone sunday again.  this was for sure my favorite area.
Well I know this is the work of the Lord.  I know that our founding forefathers in America paved the way for a restoration of all things, now known as The Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter-day Saints.  I love this work, it´s work, but it´s the work of the Lord.  Do me a favor this week and just be positive no matter what.  Pointing out the negative will just bring you grief and pain.  and if things are out of your control, pray that the Lord will make your burdens light and he will.  Be happy, be positive!  Love you all!
Hermana Walker    
DyC 121:9

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