Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What a Miracle Week

What a miracle week.....
I know our Heavenly Father LOVES us so much.  How do I know?  Because I have put his promises to test this week. 
        As I told you all last week I am back here serving again in my first area Zaragoza.  We left for the running of the bulls and will be here until next Monday making it 2 weeks.  The office told me specifically to bring ALL my stuff because transfers are today.  I have had my time in Pamplona and it was time to go.  But with this new President things have changed and I have been called back to Pamplona and will be finishing my week here in Zaragoza.  haha even after I hauled everything I own all the way up to Bilboa and then all the way down here and will have to haul it back....that´s okay I need the workout if I´m going to come back fit in winter for dance haha.  Anyway I know that that change was inspired of God.  This week it has been miracle after miracle here in Zaragoza as I have seen the fruits of my labor flourish.  What a blessing to understand the people I couldn´t before understand and see such a growth in them.  I felt very missed here as everyone shouted for joy at the ward activity, "oh good we can have dance classes again!!!"  haha, actually the senior couple kept my dance class going and she teaches tap.  She´s a cute old lady.  I´m glad I started and left a trend behind.  Everyone in the mission now is trying to start dance classes or music etc because of the success we had with it here in Zaragoza.  Miracle 2, the day i come to church my recent convert decides to come and he can FINALLY speak and understand English because he followed through with his committment to read the Book of Mormon outloud everyday!   We used to have our other recent convert translate from English to Twee (a tribal language from Africa)  all the lessons up until his baptism.  3rd miracle....my first recent convert gave a stupendous talk, took out his ugly eyebrow ring finally that i told him to talk out this last friday, and is preparing for the temple in august.  4th miracle...a man i taught back when i was here, who was not at all interested, just came for the friends...now is interested and we set a baptism date for this Sunday.  5th miracle...Luis, the first man i contacted out here in spain that was baptized then went apostate a week later and the church lost contact with him, I ran into!!!!!  I prayed to run into him...and long story short I did, got his information and we have a visit with him tonight.  Found him the same way i contacted him.  Lot´s of details I´m leaving out, but life is SOOOO GOOOD!!!!  My testimony has grown a ton this week.  6th miracle...best one of all....I went through the antiguo book to see what ever became of people found an investigator i remember i was super close to.  Enoch...thought he was going to for sure be my first baptism on the mission....he had a date to be baptized, received his answer, then last minute his Penecostal friends confused him and he was not baptized.  The Hermana´s after i left lost contact with him...remember this is the man i said who asked if he could teach our doctrine to his friends and said the Book of Mormon is like medicine? He plays the drums and dances. Well I looked him up again and asked if he wanted to try again.  I told him that I think he was the reason I came back.  He agreed that he just needed to do it because he knows it´s true!!!!  He will be baptized this sunday with Jorge!!!!!  What a testimony builder for me. 
Everyone that knew me here says I´ve gotten way delgada (skinny), my hair has gotten way longer, and my Spanish blows them away, (I´ll take all 3 compliments thanks!)  "when did you learn spanish Hermana Walker?"  No idea?  It just happened and I thank the Lord because I prayed soooo long and soooo hard to be able to understand these people and I´m finally seeing what a blessing the mission has been no matter how hard it´s been.  It´s so worth it and the Lord knows us so well.  More than we can ever imagine.   ....makes me feel good.  I know the Lords loves us and that the power of prayer, the gospel, the Book of Mormon, everything that goes with it is real.  It´s true whether people will choose to except it or not.
I feel like I´m finally at the high point on my mission.  I know the language, I understand how to be a good missionary, and my testimony is the biggest it´s ever been.  I thank the Lord for the point I´ve reached on my mission.  Don´t worry Craig, stay strong, stay positive, and the fruits of your labors will show in it´s due time.  Right now the Lord is just molding you and His relationship.  Keep that chin up and continue to be that smiley fun Craig I know.  Love you all, thanks for teaching me what you know so I can share it with the people of Spain. 
Con Amor,
Hermana Walker


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