Tuesday, July 24, 2012

running 2 areas at once is a joke!

Dear family,
running 2 areas at once is a joke!   
It was one of the best hardest points in my mission yet.  We return to Pamplona tomorrow morning.  I wonder how crazy it got with the running of the bulls.  One of our mission buddies here Elder Shields, who is crazy, decided his last day on the mission to go with him and his family and actually run with the bulls.  I don´t know what ended up happening...that may be the last we saw of Elder Shields.  San Fermin is officially over though.  No more bulls!!!   I sent some photos of me in the traditional gear they wear while running.  We also did a ton of service for people this week....mom you´d be so proud of me I was representing the Walker squeeeegy club!!!!!  sent a pic of that too...i only learned how to clean windows from the best.  we also went on intercambios a lot this week....lots of fun...prob too much
  Zaragoza was amazing! We saw so many miracles! Three people we found and taught while we were there will be baptized this weekend. Miracles happen. We´re are really sad we can´t be there this weekend to see them baptized. I look forward to the baptisms soon to come in Pamplona. Two of our progressing investigators told us they have a suprise waiting when we return. They want to be baptized finally!!!!! We are really excited.

This week has been incredible. As much as I will miss Zaragoza, Pamplona needs us. I really enjoy the way Hermana Cozzolino and I work together. When it come to missionary work we really know how to get the job done.  As much as I love her, I don´t want to marry her haha.  we are on our third transfer together.  I´m sure it will be fine though. I do look forward to still being with someone who speaks the language perfectly.  This means, like Craig said 6 months in an area.  WOO!  Which means I´ll probably die in my next area (end there). 
Well keep me updated on Romney!  I feel sooo out of the loop. 

I continue praying for you all every night.  I look forward to seeing you all again, but until then take care!  ¡Cuidase!

Hermana Walker


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